Aikido in Business Life

Senior executives with many years of experience have acquired many of the well-known sales, leadership and personal development trainings. So, at this point, is the nothing else for the development? We have transformed the AIKIDO philosophy, a Far Eastern sport and art, which was developed by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei and which deeply influenced the physical competencies and spiritual development of millions of people around the world, into a unique educational / transformation program.

With AIKIDO's philosophy of harmony with universal energy, you have the ability to sustain the Samurai's persistence and resistance, the ability to continue at the end of its physical boundaries, the ability to steer multiple attacks with pleasure, and the unconditional love of life against all these difficulties. You will be able to use these as metaphors that will form the basis of management, multi-competition and crisis management.

Day 1
Compliance with Universal Energy - Determining the Life Attitude of our Institution
Aikido Labels - Necessary Values
Hamni (Standing) - Principles of Standing in the Business World
Steps in Aikido - Basic Operations of Our Company
Turns - Direction Change
Declines - Crisis Management
Omote / Ura - Consciousness and Unconsciousness of Our Competitors
Breath, Smile - Physics and Mood Control of our Institution

Day 2
Tachi Waza - Competitive Principles in Equal Conditions
Hamni Handachi Waza - Competition Against Strong Opponent
Tachi-Dori - Competition Against a Competitive Weapon
Randori (Multiple Attacks) - Multiple Competition Strategies
Henka Waza - Method Change in Strategies
Gayeshi Waza - An ability to turn the opponent's attack to opponent
Takemusu Aikido - Ability to Overcome Competition
Closing - Real Victory is Against Yourself

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Senior executives


Aikido in Business Life