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We are an international group of companies. NAR International UK is founded in London and is the UK arm of NAR group of companies. We have been consulting companies, training and coaching individuals for getting better nearly for the last two decades. Our motto is A Better You, A Better World. We are mainly based on Europe/Asia.

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NARTEK is our technology company developing mobile applications and innovative software programs for the corporates, mostly the training and development departments, which aim to provide  better customer and employee experiences.

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NAR Training

Established in 2003, NAR designs and delivers training solutions to enhance team potential and develop new skills. Its rapidly growing client base spans a wide range of industries. NAR has a flexible approach and a strong track record. It provides services to clients such as banks, insurance and pension companies, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication companies and call centres.

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Nar Village

NARKOY is an exceptional training centre with its educationally focused architecture and structure. It serves as a modern farm and hotel. NARKOY makes it possible to take part in a variety of trainings, activities and workshops, enjoy a holiday with your loved ones in the heart of nature, or to work and move projects forward with colleagues, far from the tumult of the city.

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Nar International



With the help of field trips we take time to really understand the business, people, challenges and goals of the clients. We find tailor made solutions for the business applicable to the companies.

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. - "Samuel Johnson"



In a rapidly changing world there are many blind spots for the companies that hinder from success.


In today’s world training is not just important, it is vital. We create tailored, flexible training programmes shaped around your exact needs. We use blended learning tools to create learning journeys. By the help of experiantial learning design we aim to make our trainees reach their potential. Our in class trainings are based on facilitations and workshops. 

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. - "Henry Ford"



Experiantial learning design, different learning tools and learning paths make continuous development possible.


We believe that there is always an opportunity of development for the people as long as they let themselves to. We aim to help people explore themselves, dream about their future selves and design their own paths for development by building caring relationships.

If we were supposed to talk more than we listen we would have two mouths and one ear. - "Mark Twain"



There is a better version of oneself that he/she wishes to evolve. To be more productive, focused, creative, energized and fulfilled.

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We are aware that healthy and happy workforce is extremely vital for business success. A better you leads a better World. It is crucial to integrate well-being into business strategy. Therefore we support you with yoga classes

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

Nar International

Let’s take you to a journey to a better you!

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Nar International

Group of Companies

Since 2002

Number of people attended our in-class training programs in different categories
450 K
Number of people who were coached in different levels
10 K
Number of companies we have an active relationship


We design and deliver training programs according to your needs in our area of expertise to be bespoke for your organisation. We help you build a continuous improvement culture across your business. Some of our courses are below.

  • Sales Improvement and
    Customer Experience
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Personal Development

To get better at perceiving the basic processes of sales is crucial for the salespeople to persuade and to create the relationship and build rapport with the people they interact. Understanding the customers needs, spotting opportunities and following a structured sales process help salespeople develop sales skills.

Course Details

Selling and managing the sales process for the portfolio is a structured process. A portfolio approach to sales is necessary to best service the portfolio customers and see the big picture. Account managers who are sales people with a large group of customers need to manage long term relations and be good at planning their business. The skill sets required to manage different types of customer groups sometimes overlap and mostly differ.

Course Details

Acting as a coach or mentor to salespeople and providing helpful advice on coping with job-related challenges can sometimes be hard to choose from. Manager-coaches are having difficulties to set their roles. The approach that the coachee has the answers and skill to elicit clear, well-defined and emotionally engaging goals from a sales coachee are crucial for the coach to possess.

Course Details

The target of the training is to improve the skills of participants in financial analysis, so that they better interpret and analyse them and use them not only limited by credit allocation to form the accurate credit structure, but also by their portfolio follow-ups

Course Details

This training targets top make the participants aware of the importance of other data besides financial statements in making credit analysis and to make them also benefit from nonfinancial data as a tool in getting early warning signals

Course Details

The aim of the training is to make the practice of former gained skills in accounting, financial analysis, non financial analysis on real cases and make them assess their level of using the analysis techniques and improve & sharpen their skills via exercises.

Course Details

This training targets employees who take role in project financing and restructuring of loans . With this training they will be familiar with terms, that take place in project finance agreements. They will be also provided with the skill of preparing of cash flow projections, which will help them in making decisions, as well as the skill to interpret the outcome of cash flow projects and come to a level of making proposals based on sensitivity analysis to be applied.

Course Details

This training serves to form an opinion about the reasons and consequences of economic crisis and aims to provide necessary skills to scan, evaluate and follow up continuously their portfolio using deduction method . Besides this, the training also aims to create an awareness of the effects of the actions and decisions they take, on their portfolio, as well as on the global position of the bank and enable them to take quick and efficient actions in case of problematic loans,taking also into consideration early warning signals

Course Details

This training serves to form an opinion about the reasons and consequences of economic crisis and aims to provide necessary skills to scan, evaluate and follow up continuously their portfolio using deduction method . Besides this, the training also aims to create an awareness of the effects of the actions and decisions they take, on their portfolio, as well as on the global position of the bank and enable them to take quick and efficient actions in case of problematic loans,taking also into consideration early warning signals

Course Details

FARMIS, while aiming to increase the financial analysis capabilities of the participants, targets also to make the participants aware of risks, a company may face. Via the simulation game, they will be also provided with the skill of assessing the effects of these risks on companies, as well as management techniques and tools of these risks. Via this simulation they will learn by experiencing and sensing the effects of these risks in an amusing environment

Course Details

Senior executives with many years of experience have acquired many of the well-known sales, leadership and personal development trainings. So, at this point, is the nothing else for the development? We have transformed the AIKIDO philosophy, a Far Eastern sport and art, which was developed by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei and which deeply influenced the physical competencies and spiritual development of millions of people around the world, into a unique educational / transformation program.

Course Details

Organizations having leaders with mindsets and behaviors of coaching may be more innovative and happy because they take advantage of taking different points of view into consideration at different levels. These kinds of organizations help the team feed curiosity and face challenge easier than the other ones.

Course Details

Having a solution focused approach in working life is essential in today’s rapidly changing world. In the face of a challenge opportunities may seem like problems. Developing appropriate solutions is key to both personal and organisational success.

Course Details

To increase the awareness of participants about cultural differences and cultural integration.

Course Details

Main purpose of this workshop is to make participants creative and spontaneous with many different perspectives in communication and also in decision making.

Course Details

This workshop aims to give chance to participants to realize each others’ different and similar parts and roles, other than they know in the work environment. During the workshop, participants will take exercises and play games to have a new experience for being a team. Whole traning will be interactive, trainer won’t transfer any theoretical information. “Team Building” is aimed to be raised for participants in order to be in effective collaboration over the long term.

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NAR Group of Companies Customers





Yapı Kredi (Unicredit)

QNB Finansbank

İş Bankası


Cigna Finans




Nar International


1to1 Coaching Testimonial 1 / Name and Company Withheld

I have experience as a bank employee for 19 years, and as a branch manager for 8 years in one of the biggest banks in Turkey.   While managing a branch office that consists of 15 employees and serves to customer profiles which vary in 4 different segments, with 10.000 customers, I, time to time felt that I stumbled with the recent methods and came to conclusion that it would be beneficial for me to work with a coach when I felt the need to revise my perspective and methods that did not show results.   I had the change to utilise Leman Yavuz’s services in coaching through her references. We managed to produce a systematic working programme in 6 months of cooperation oriented for progress.

1to1 Coaching Testimonial 2 / Name and Company Withheld<

As an experienced branch manager one of the areas that I improved during the period of collaboration with Leman was, thanks to her sensitive clarifications, designating the actual fields I needed to work on. Her contributions to clarify the outcome of the matters we work together on my productivity has helped me become clearer in means of my career and helped me make important decisions about my life, as well as changing my fixed habits.   During the progress of her coaching, with the help of the professional and also personal trust she provided, she assisted me to express my mind, firstly to myself in the right way. She played a huge role on understanding my thoughts and during these phases, she accompanied me on my way of progress and made sure that I stayed on track to make the right moves that needed to be made.

1to1 Coaching Testimonial 3 / Name and Company Withheld

She helped me for the growth of my performance and productivity and gain a different vision. I experienced a change in my perspective on understanding my business as well as solving the problems I encountered. I wholeheartedly believe that her flexible consultant point of view that comes along with her business and training background has helped me find solutions with my own problems.

Corporate Testimonial 1 / Name and Company Withheld

I have known Leman Yavuz through Portfolio Management training organized within the bank, for Retail and SME Banking, reaching up to 3000 people ever since 2009. The bank being established to support craftsman and artists; managed to serve with a global vision with its domestic 963 branch offices, 6 overseas offices, 1 country management, 3 overseas represantations, nearly 4000 ATMs, telephone and online and mobile banking applications. We had to chance to collaborate with her for Sales Skills Training and Sales Performance Coaching for Branch Managers. Due to our changing business models while increasing our trainings in the concept of digitalization, we also collaborated with her preparing manual books. Her excellent skills on banking, selling and coaching experience together with her costumer focused skills played a huge role why we were lucky to collaborate with her. She displays excellent communication skills, she is organized, reliable and sourceful. She strikes for growth and quality. She is amazing at working independently as well as within a team. She inspires her team members to strike for their best.

Corporate Testimonial 2 / Name and Company Withheld

The bank, serves with its nearly 5.000 employees in the business lines of Retail, SME and Commercial Banking, including its Head Office in Istanbul and associations bound to its 260 branch offices that is spreaded all over in Turkey. As an institution, we collaborate with Leman Yavuz on sales and technical banking trainings for years. She participates as training designer and project leader in our projects. She is a person who is extremely systematic, organized, always looking from the perspective which no one does, develops practical solutions, keeps her promises and also improves people whom she works with, as well as the work she is doing.

Corporate Testimonial 4 / Name and Company Withheld

We had the opportunity to collaborate on a customer experience project that is designed for all of our bank’s employees and managers, where we reached to 3.000 people including our branch office managers and customer relation managers. In this project, Leman participated as project leader and designer. Participants were presented with real life situations in the workshops that is created with a wide ranged consultant team, they experienced through living rather than didactic learning. They informed us about how they took advantage of the process, and how they improved and realised by having fun. Our observable %6 percentage increase in NPS score proved to be right.

Corporate Testimonial 5 / Name and Company Withheld

As being one of the outstanding individual pension and life insurance companies, where at total 18 companies serve, we offer special solutions to individuals and institutions. We met Leman Yavuz through our co-operations in the fields of sales and performance development. We cooperate with different banks and aim to increase the activity in Bancasurans channel. In order to scale up our influence of cooperating with other banks, we utilised Ms. Yavuz’s services of designing in 2018 who have worked with banks for a long time and who had experience as a bank employee before. By using her services, we plan to provide increase in productivity and efficiency of the collaboration between bank employees and our employees.

Corporate Testimonial 6 / Name and Company Withheld

Mrs. Yavuz’s experience in sales comes from both theory and practice since she managed sales in Banking sector before. She dominates excellently dynamics of financial sector and developments of market improvements since she has been in education and consultancy field for 12 years. She provides a reliable working environment by tracking current topics and improvements that compounds well with our needs. Her expertise and good communication skills contributed to our company beyond our expectations and in short time.

Our Team

Our hand-picked trainers are diversified, passionate, experienced, adaptable, and totally focused on achieving the very best training outcome.

There are 40 consultants working full time for NAR Training and Consultancy in Istanbul. Click here to see the whole team.

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