Risk Management and Credit Portfolio Follow-up Techniques (1/2)

This training serves to form an opinion about the reasons and consequences of economic crisis and aims to provide necessary skills to scan, evaluate and follow up continuously their portfolio using deduction method . Besides this, the training also aims to create an awareness of the effects of the actions and decisions they take, on their portfolio, as well as on the global position of the bank and enable them to take quick and efficient actions in case of problematic loans,taking also into consideration early warning signals

 Basic reasons for bankruptcies of companies
Basic risk factors for companies and precautions to take for them.
Increased risk factors after 30.06.2018 financials
Interest, inflation, FX relations
Changed analysis methods in the new era. ‘’Rather than past oriented, future oriented’’
Sensitivity analysis to be applied and simulation methods
Analysis of debt repayment capacity in the new era
Dangerous assumptions in the new conjuncture : ‘’Name lending’’ concept. Some examples from the world and Turkey
The increasing importance of taking deposit and the cash flow of companies
The value of the consultant bankers in the new era
EL-EAD-PD-LGD concepts and their effects to pricing and to the financials of the bank
Net Risk Concept
Credit Portfolio follow up strategies
Pareto Method in Credit portfolio follow-up
Early Warning Signals
Collateral Check Points
Typical mistakes of bankers causing problematic loans
Immediate actions in problematic loans
Defining Strategies
Administrative /Legal follow up?

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Senior executives


Risk Management and Credit Portfolio Follow-up Techniques (1/2)