Team Building Workshop

This workshop aims to give chance to participants to realize each others’ different and similar parts and roles, other than they know in the work environment. During the workshop, participants will take exercises and play games to have a new experience for being a team. Whole traning will be interactive, trainer won’t transfer any theoretical information. “Team Building” is aimed to be raised for participants in order to be in effective collaboration over the long term.

The workshop is based on business improvisation and also planned to be consist of 3 major parts. In the first part, there will be introduction exercises and icebreakers. These exercises aim to create an enviroment in which participants can realize different parts of each other, become closer, and take the first step to form a team.

In the second part, exercises and games that initiate collaboration, which are the backbones of building a team, will be used. Main aims of these exercises are to explore different parts and roles of each other and to realize their strengths as well as their sharp sides that they have to grind while forming a team. Another purpose of these exercises is to enhance in group interaction and solidarity.

The third and last part is the feedback part of the workshop. In this part, they will ask specific question to themselves “what did I get from whis workshop?” We will give confidence, they can freely talk about themselves, about the group and the process. Feedback is very important for the assesment and closure of the training process.

Content of the Training:
“Me”, “Me inside this Team”, “Us”
Common and Different Values & Necessities for Team Building
Produce & Solve & Create Together
Have Fun with Harmony

Senior executives


Team Building Workshop