Coaching Skills in Work Life

Organizations having leaders with mindsets and behaviors of coaching may be more innovative and happy because they take advantage of taking different points of view into consideration at different levels. These kinds of organizations help the team feed curiosity and face challenge easier than the other ones.

Facilitator presentation and facilitation
Individual self-assessment questionnaire
Group discussion, presentations
Exercises and activities
Role plays

Content of the Training:
Management Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
Wheel of Life
Expectations of The Team
What the Coach Aims with Coaching
Planning Coaching Sessions for the Team
Accepting and Dealing with Our Assumptions
Considering the team members as the source
How to Prepare for the Session as a Manager
 Finding Out The Poor Performance Causes
As the Session Flows
 Being Curious, Asking Questions and Listening Deeply
 Big Plan and Daily Routines
 GROW Model
 Getting to an Action Plan
Figuring Out The Grey Areas
Improving the System

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

With the help of this course middle to senior managers can identify their style of coaching. They can figure out their area of improvement in coaching and extend their coaching influence and success.


Coaching Skills in Work Life