Risk Management and Credit Portfolio Follow-up Techniques (1/2)

This training serves to form an opinion about the reasons and consequences of economic crisis and aims to provide necessary skills to scan, evaluate and follow up continuously their portfolio using deduction method . Besides this, the training also aims to create an awareness of the effects of the actions and decisions they take, on their portfolio, as well as on the global position of the bank and enable them to take quick and efficient actions in case of problematic loans,taking also into consideration early warning signals

  Chronological review of developments in the world and in Turkey from an economic perspective in the last 3 years
Reasons for the existing conjuncture in Turkey. Early warning signals with regards to economic crisis
Differences and similarities of the existing conjuncture compared to preceding crisis and the changed risk perception
How does the current conjuncture affect the companies?
Effects of the current conjuncture on the banking sector and banks’ financials
The trade law 32 and its effects on different sectors ( i.e shopping malls, car rental companies…)
Concordato Processes and responsibilities and required actions to be taken by the branch staff
Industries which are highly affected by the economic crisis
Expectations for the year 2019
Key indicators of the banking sector and how to analyse them

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Senior executives


Risk Management and Credit Portfolio Follow-up Techniques (1/2)