Project Financing / Restructuring of Loans

This training targets employees who take role in project financing and restructuring of loans . With this training they will be familiar with terms, that take place in project finance agreements. They will be also provided with the skill of preparing of cash flow projections, which will help them in making decisions, as well as the skill to interpret the outcome of cash flow projects and come to a level of making proposals based on sensitivity analysis to be applied.

One exercise will be about a company who is in need of restructuring its existing loans.

 Project finance concepts
Collaterals used in project financing
Assessing the project profitability.
Comparing cons and pros of Equity Financing vs Loan Financing
Typical Stakeholders in Project Financing and risks they may arise to endanger the project
Preparation and interpretation of cash flow projections (Cases of companies who are in need of project financing/Loan restructuring)
Sensitivity analysis
Making Credit Decisions based on cash flow projections and assessing the debt repayment capacity of the company

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Senior executives


Project Financing / Restructuring of Loans