Be Creative & Be Spontaneous Workshop

Main purpose of this workshop is to make participants creative and spontaneous with many different perspectives in communication and also in decision making.

While playing games and doing some exercises together, the participants will figure out their abilities on the stage to have new habits that will be easily transferred to daily life. Because life is like being on the stage, that we are doing every single day, staying in the moment with creativity and spontaneously…

We will start with a memorizing meeting activity, depending on the number of participants, if the workshop takes place in a workshop format, all participants will participate equally during the program, if the seminar format takes place, sample groups will be taken from the team so that everyone will have the chance to see and experience the tricks of creative communication.

During the workshop, different techniques will be used; such as play, creative drama and improvisation theater and also brief information will be given on these works. The realization of creativity, staying at the moment, acting together, fast thinking, effective listening, asking good questions, expressing oneself and being on the stage will be at the core of this workshop.

At the end of the workshop, everybody will make inferences about themselves and the people around them. That will be a pleasant and enjoyable activity for everyone.  

Content of the Training:
“Being On The Stage”
The Moment (Stay & Feel & Enjoy)
Explore Yourself (Asking & Listening & Thinking Fast & Taking Action )
Play Games & Surprise Yourself

Senior executives


Be Creative & Be Spontaneous Workshop