Basic Sales Techniques

To get better at perceiving the basic processes of sales is crucial for the salespeople to persuade and to create the relationship and build rapport with the people they interact. Understanding the customers needs, spotting opportunities and following a structured sales process help salespeople develop sales skills.

Facilitator presentation and facilitation
Group discussion, presentations
Exercises and activities

Content of the Training:
What is Selling?
Selling and Buying Relation
Needs Based Selling
Analysis of the Selling Process
Selling Mistakes of the Salesperson
How to Prepare for the Sales Call
Sales Competencies
 Desire, Perseverance and Intrinsic Motivation
 Self Control
 Building Rapport and Creating Interest
 Asking The Right Questions – Questioning The Customers
 Effective Listening
 Getting The Results
 Empathy but Not Over-empathy
Selling Model
 Creating the Harmony
 Profile Analysis
 Prescribibg the Solution
 Features and Benefits
 Buying Signals
 Handling the Objections
 Closing the Sale

2 days, 09.00 am – 05.00 pm

Senior executives


Basic Sales Techniques